Tumbling Classes

Tumbling Classes will be offered year-round for competitive B-Elite athletes and/or non B-Elite members. Classes are once a week for an hour and are organized based on USASF skill level. Classes offered: 

Tot Tumbling (ages 5 & under)

Skills taught in class: back bend, forward roll, handstand

Level 1 Tumbling - (Ages 6-18)

Skills taught in class: Cartwheel, round off, front & back walkover

Level 2 Tumbling - (Ages 6-18)

Skills taught in class: Standing and Round off back handspring, round off series, standing series (must have cartwheel, round off, back walkover to qualify for Level 2)

Tumbling Classes

Private Tumbling Classes

B-Elite offers private instruction for both members and non-members of our all-star program. In other words, you do not need to be on a B-Elite competitive team to participate in private lessons. Private lessons can be scheduled for tumbling, jumps, stunts, motion technique, dance, routine memorization, tryouts and more.

Stretch Classes

B-Elite offers stretch classes for flyers or any athlete interested in increasing flexibility and working on body positions. The primary focus of this class is achieving proper, more flexible body positions for flyers.

Jump Classes

Jump class will improve athletes jump technique, flexibility, control and height. Conditioning in this class targets specific muscles used to achieve superior jumps.